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Our specialized safety advisors will guide your employees through the selection of equipment that is right for your company. We are proud to offer an excellent selection of personal protective equipment for all types of businesses. For over 40 years, Belmont Security has specialized in safety footwear. Since 2017, our company has been able to offer a wider range of products to our commercial customers. In addition to safety footwear, we can also meet your personal protection or workwear needs. Our mission is to dress your employees from head to toe to ensure maximum safety at work, while respecting your budget.

Our motivation...

Because we know that a well-shod and well-dressed person is happier, more efficient and more effective at work. We care about the well-being of your employees and their safety in choosing the right shoes and clothing for their work environment.

  • Computerized contracts
  • Web site
  • Control of employee forms according to your requests
  • Respect of the characteristics and the maximums allotted
  • Telephone order, shipped within 24 hours
  • Professional advice

Our quality, health, safety and environment policy

In an increasingly demanding and competitive field, our mission is to dress workers from head to toe to ensure maximum safety at work, while respecting their budget and that of the companies. All this, without neglecting the importance of respecting the environment, managing residual materials and promoting the safety and well-being of our staff. To achieve this, Belmont Security works on 3 axes:


  • Selecting our suppliers carefully in order to offer a complete range of products;
  • To guarantee an excellent customer service and to constantly improve our customers' satisfaction;
  • Conducting our activities in compliance with all applicable regulations;
  • Continuously develop the skills of our employees.

Health and Safety

  • Take all necessary precautions and measures to ensure a safe workplace;
  • Maintain a psychologically healthy and safe work environment;
  • Ensure that all individuals are treated fairly, neutrally and with respect;
  • Involve employees in OHS activities and provide adequate resources to allow for the proper functioning of the health and safety committee.


  • Optimize our processes and operations to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Apply the 3R-V approach (Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Recover) for better waste management.

On the road to achieving our objectives, Belmont Shoes is committed to maintaining an integrated management system based on the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. Maintaining and improving our management system requires continuous and daily efforts, but we are convinced that following this approach will lead us to do it right the first time and every time.

Management is committed to implementing all the means necessary for the application of this publication and to supporting the active involvement of all members of its staff.

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