IN 1972, in Montreal, Lionel Fiset, a former distributor for Hector Lamontagne, founded Belmont Sécurité. At the time, the notion of an intermediary between a manufacturer and a purchasing company was relatively new. Rather, manufacturers sold their products directly to the employer, who then distributed these products to their employees.

After a modest start, the company was
SOLD IN 1979 to Mr. Fiset's nephews, Michel and Jean-Marc Rousseau. The company secured its growth by winning several major contracts, including Molson, Labatt, Gaz Métropolitain, Hydro-Québec, and the SAQ.


The Rousseau brothers were quick to introduce several changes that permitted Belmont Sécurité to grow and thrive. For example, they converted a used school bus into a mobile unit to be able to sell their products directly on business premises. Over the years, they added several other mobile units, which remain to this day an important aspect of the business.

In 1981, Belmont Sécurité opened its first store in Montreal, on Beaubien Street. In the early 90s, another store opened on the north shore of Montreal, in Boisbriand, to meet the needs of the General Motors plant. It closed its doors in the early 2000s, along with the General Motors plant. Belmont Sécurité continued its expansion by adding a store in Longueuil and another in Laval. These two stores as well as the store on Beaubien Street are still active today.

In 1995, a major fire in the Beaubien Street store created significant damage and losses, which led to a major renovation of the store. Despite this event, the Rousseau brothers worked tirelessly to provide the exceptional service that their customers had come to expect.

Because of their new store openings, Belmont Sécurité,
which was originally known for its work with businesses, began to serve more and more consumers in store, and eventually online with the addition of an ecommerce website. Two new stores were added to the family in order to better serve customers across Quebec, one in St-Cyrille-de-Wendover (Drummondville) and one in Acton Vale.


In 2012, Mr. Michel Rousseau, chose to retire after several years of loyal service to Quebec workers. He sold the company to Chaussures Régence, a family business in Quebec known for its expertise in footwear and its ownership of the brands Acton and STC, along with the Chaussures Fillion stores.

50 YEARS LATER, Belmont Sécurité is a major player in Quebec’s safety shoes and work clothes market. Thanks to multiple sound investments and partnerships with very important suppliers, Belmont is able to meet the changing needs of its customers who want the latest products and a varied inventory. Whether in business or in store, our team of advisors and representatives is there to find the right product for your needs.